Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy at Cloudscape Hill


Hilltending is the term we use to describe our nature based archetypal facilitation of ecotherapeutic work. Working together with you at Cloudscape HIll or in other natural areas, our guided Hilltending sessions facilitate a process of reintegration and regeneration of a healthy relationship to the natural world. The Hilltending method of nature-based archetypal facilitation invites us into a relationship to the ecological unconscious and a more immediate and conscious interaction with the natural world.

The Earth is Alive and Dreaming

Archetypal facilitation provides gentle guidance and witnessing in engaging the symbolic life emerging from the deep roots of psyche and soul.  Working with dreams, deep imagination, personality type, and other methods, archetypal facilitation nurtures a dialogue with the archetypes of the unconscious for a realization of a fuller sense of being and wholeness, nurturing a deeper and broader relationship to Self.

Nature based archetypal facilitation engages the symbolic life of soul outside in natural areas. By deeply walking the land and engaging in other earth-based practices, nature based archetypal facilitation broadens our experience of soul as it interacts with the images emerging from the natural world. This nurtures a fuller relationship between soul and world and opens new dimensions to our psychospiritual lives.

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Nature Based Archetypal Facilitation and Ecotherapy at Cloudscape Hill

Most of us are not fully aware of our individual relationship to the natural world and instead base it on societal conditioning or familial expectations. The resulting one sided or unconscious relationship can lead to many psychological and physiological ailments. Anxiety, addiction, high blood pressure, and more have been shown to respond favorably to an improved relationship to nature. Spending more time outdoors is a beginning. Becoming able to be aware of and grow into our own relationship to nature allows us to develop a healthier relationship to our home that leads to a regenerative sense of wholeness for us and the earth.

The human relationship to the earth is complex. When we experience the tremendous beauty of the earth, we are filled with awe at being a part of that beauty. When we hear of the ecological crises, we are filled with fear, anger, and shame. At Cloudscape Hill, we refer to these approaches as the geocosmological and the terracentric, respectively. Hilltending is the term we use to describe our archetypal process of ecotherapeutic work in engaging the terracentric and geocosmological.

Dealing with the wide range of often conflicting feelings of the terracentric and geocosmological can be confusing and challenging. While we all experience them at some point, we also tend to go overboard in the one or the other. Engaging the archetypal aspects of our relationship to the earth, we can come into a process of healing and tending the relationship that brings us into a fuller, more conscious way of being present to the earth. This ushers in a new sense of belonging and wholeness that is regenerative to the health and wellness of us and the planet we call home.

Hilltending integrates conceptual and pragmatic aspects of a healthy human relationship to the earth that promotes healing and well-being for us and for the earth. Through a dialogue with the archetypes of the collective unconscious we can come into a fuller sense of being and wholeness, nurturing a deeper and broader relationship to the ecological Self. The practices and techniques of Hilltending incorporate various regenerative, ecotherapeutic, and earth-based practices with archetypal integration for a re-rooting into the earth and re-blossoming into the world.

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