Cloudscape Lavender

Freshly harvested lavender bundles
Freshly harvested lavender bundles

Lavender is a beautiful plant with a large number of uses…

There are several species of lavender but, due to the climate in Michigan, we focus on growing Lavandula Angustifolia (commonly known as English or Common lavender) and Lavandula x Intermedia (hybrids of English lavender). Both of these lavender species are hardier than Spanish or French lavender and while angustifolia and intermedia are very similar in appearance and scent, there are some differences. Although it usually is smaller than intermedia, English lavender typically has a slightly sweeter scent and is usually a bit hardier.





Lavandula Angustifolia “Royal Purple”

Currently we have about 1,000 plants in our lavender fields, with plans to plant another 1,000+ over the next year or two. Right now, we have Lavandula Angustifolia Royal Velvet, Royal Purple, and a few plants each of Loddon Blue and Imperial Gem. Our Lavandula Intermedia plants are Gros Bleu and the well-known Grosso.


2024 Plans

In 2024, we will be planting more lavandula angustifolia – Royal Velvet, Melissa (a white flowering lavender), and Folgate.

We will also begin propagating lavender plants in spring, so check back with us if you are interested in adding lavender to your landscaping plans


Lavender Products

Cloudscape Hill’s Artisinal Lavender Vinegar

There are many products that are made with lavender, such as fresh and dried bouquets and bundles, essential oil, sachets and potpourris, household cleaner, culinary products, aundry and linen fresheners, personal care products (cremes, hair rinse, lotions, bath salts/soaks, etc.), …and many more! Be sure to visit our Lavender Shop to see what we have in stock!

Lavender is also an antifungal and antibacterial and studies have shown that it also has many health benefits, such as better sleep, treating of skin blemishes, soothing of wounds and pains, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, lessening hot flashes, promoting hair growth, memory improvement, easing of motion sickness, to name a few. Perhaps it goes without saying, but the calming scent of lavender can also help with positive effects on moods, stress levels, anxiety, and depression.


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