Barry County Border Collies

There is a reason that border collies are such a popular dog. There is something magical that happens working with the most intelligent breed. ..

Our Dogs

Tes – not a mischievous bone in her body!
Moss cooling off after work
Coming Soon – Nell? Lynn? We haven’t decided yet 🙂

At CloudScape Hill, our border collies are at, or very close, to the center of everything we do. So much so that we have a site dedicated to them and our work with them: Barry County Border Collies.

Tes working on her outrun

What we do at Barry County Border Collies:

Border Collie Training

We have a number of training programs, from puppy training designed with the unique traits of border collies in mind, to beginner sheep herding lessons…

Field and sheep rental

For handlers with proven herding experience we offer the opportunity to prepare more effectively for trials by working with different sheep on different fields. Considering the relatively small size of our property, this offering focuses mostly on shedding and penning but, in the future, we plan to offer seasonal outrun practice (after the hay field has been cut).

Border Collie Boarding

We have limited number of boarding rooms available and so have decided to focus on the breed we know and love. If you need day care, overnight, or extended stay for your border collie, please find out more about our services and facilities at the link below.

Clinics and Trials

Future plans include clinics with renowned trainers and novice trials. Stay tuned…

Our Shop

Online and on on-farm shop for curated books, training videos, and gear!

James and Tes at work

Check out Barry County Border Collies now for more details!