Rooted in the concepts and practices of ecopsychology, Cloudscape Hill is a nature-based enterprise dedicated to nurturing a deeper and more conscious relationship to the ecological psyche. With services designed to assist you in developing authentic lifestyles in harmony with the natural world, our mission is to nurture and inspire healing, regenerative wholeness and belonging with the entire earth community.

How are we doing this?

  • Depth psychological based archetypal ecotherapy
  • Orchards and market gardens based on regenerative agriculture principles
  • Community supported agriculture
  • Natural and humane relationships with the other-than-human community
  • Green web design
  • Research and publications
  • Workshops and educational events

Our ecopsychological practice is organized into two distinct but interrelated areas of focus: applied and conceptual ecopsychology.

Applied ecopsychology is about how we go about our daily activities in a way that positively contributes to a healthier relationship to nature. Often, applied ecopsychology is understood as ecotherapy, which can take many forms. At Root and Leaf, applied ecopsychology takes the form of regenerative agriculture at our farm, Cloudscape Hill, green web design, and creative, humane solutions to environmental relationships to the non-human community. Our interpersonal ecotherapeutic services are concerned with providing individual ecopsychological coaching (ecotherapy), group events, and exploring avenues to integrate the theories and concepts of ecopsychology into our daily lives for improved health and wellness of humans and Earth.

Conceptual or theoretical ecopsychology concerns itself with understanding and advancing the theories and concepts of ecopsychology and its history. Tasks in this area center around research and publications.